NOVA Localities Protected by Albert Cybersecurity Capability

Posted Jul 22, 2021

NVERS, in coordination with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) and the Northern Virginia Cybersecurity Working Group, has secured servers and Albert Network Monitoring service plans for eleven (11) Northern Virginia jurisdictions through Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) funding.

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NVERS and NVHA Announce Merger

Posted Jun 22, 2021

On April 30, 2021, the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System (NVERS) and Northern Virginia Hospital Alliance (NVHA) announced exciting news about the future of the two organizations. Thanks to the commitment and efforts of many regional partners, the two organizations have successfully coordinated, supported, and promoted a regional approach to preparedness, response, and recovery activities for the past two decades.

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Stafford County Connects to the National Capital Region Network (NCRnet)

Posted Jun 22, 2021

On June 1, 2021, Stafford County Government held a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating Stafford County’s connection to the National Capital Region Network (NCRnet). NCRnet is a fiber optic network built to establish a strong, safe, and effective way for community leaders and first responders to communicate and share critical information during regular operations and emergencies.

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NVERS Impact Report Highlights COVID-19 Efforts

Posted Oct 21, 2020

As the region's responders have worked tirelessly to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, NVERS has taken action to support efforts across disciplines. The infographic above outlines the key NVERS efforts to date. 

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NVERS SharePoint

Posted Apr 29, 2020

The NVERS team is pleased to announce the launch of the NVERS Workspace, a SharePoint platform for regional document sharing. Previously registered users of may have received notification of the site’s April 29, 2020 launch date.

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NOVA Fire Incident Command Boards

Posted Apr 2, 2020

Earlier this year, the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System (NVERS) procured 644 incident command boards for Northern Virginia (NOVA) Fire & Rescue Departments.

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NVERS Launches Monthly Newsletter

Posted Feb 25, 2020

This February, NVERS launched a monthly newsletter to highlight new and ongoing projects, share information on committee work, and provide updates on organizational activities. With a readership base of over 500 Northern Virginia first responders, emergency preparedness professionals, and partners, the newsletter will provide a platform for NVERS and stakeholder communication.

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Responders Exercise NOVA Silver Line Incident Coordination Tool

Posted Feb 4, 2020

On December 11th, 2019, NVERS sponsored a tabletop exercise for first responder agencies and partner organizations to test the recently-developed Northern Virginia Silver Line Incident Coordination Tool. Over the past six months, an interdisciplinary planning team of subject matter experts from Northern Virginia collaborated with WMATA and Tidal Basin Government Consulting to refine the tool and develop a tabletop exercise to evaluate the tool's ability to enhance agency coordination across jurisdictional and discipline boundaries.

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Fire Departments Aid Fellows in West Virginia Hit by Flooding

Posted Jul 5, 2016

(TNS) - The volunteer firefighters in Clendenin, W.Va., weren't around to save their equipment as the Elk River poured over its banks, flooding their fire station and their town. They were busy in neighboring communities where flooding already was worse, rescuing people trapped in their homes. The ruined gear at their station included air packs that cost thousands of dollars and about $6,000 in gear that had just been ordered and was still in boxes at the station. Fire trucks left at the station were moved to high ground before the flooding started, but little else was saved.

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A Chat With Emergency Management Institute Leader Tony Russell

Posted Jun 29, 2016

(TNS) — On Tuesday morning, Emergency Management Institute superintendent Tony Russell spoke to members of the media about his career with FEMA, his passion for training communities and how he views disaster preparedness in the 21st century.

As an emergency responder tasked with assisting Louisiana during its recovery from hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike in 2009, Russell said his time spent at ground zero has helped shape his approach to emergency management as a leading official.

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