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Northern Virginia Complex Coordinated Attack Response Plan Enhancement

Request for Proposal: Northern Virginia Complex Coordinated Attack Response Plan Enhancement

Location: Northern Virginia

Job Type: RFP

RFP - Northern Virginia Complex Coordinated Attack Response Plan Enhancement

The Northern Virginia Emergency Response System (NVERS) is seeking contract support on behalf of the Northern Virginia Police Chiefs Committee for the development of two complementary scenario-specific addendums to the Northern Virginia Complex Coordinated Attack (CCA) Response Plan.

The purpose of this request for proposal is to enter into a fix-priced contract with a qualified individual or organization to design and develop the following traffic management addendums to the Northern Virginia CCA Response Plan:

  • Freeway Corridor Control Plan; and
  • Marine Corps Marathon Event Management Plan.

The contract support will leverage the CCA Response Plan Working Group’s expertise and guidance in planning and developing the addendums.  Tasks to be performed by the contractor will include:

  • Review of all components within the CCA Response Plan and identify Northern Virginia jurisdictions and agencies that will participate in the development of the two additional traffic management addendums.
  • Develop the Freeway Corridor Control Plan and Marine Corps Marathon Event Management Plan addendums for stakeholder review. The addendums will include the following content:
    • The traffic control locations across the Northern Virginia region that would require staffing in the event of an addendum activation;  
    • Site maps for each of the traffic control posts within the respective addendum; and  
    • Resource requirements for each of the traffic control posts within the respective addendums.
  • With oversight from NVERS staff, organize and lead all stakeholder meetings, including kickoff meeting, project update meetings, and final review meeting.

This contract will begin on or before May 15, 2019 and terminate on December 31, 2019. Grant funding from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be used to support this effort.

The following should be included in the proposal:

  • Offeror’s name, address, contact information, and subcontractor companies (if applicable);
  • A detailed timeline to complete the project, and any observed obstacles to completing the work;
  • A preliminary work plan that describes the phases or segments into which the proposed project can logically be divided and performed.;
    • This section should also contain a discussion of any changes proposed by the offeror that substantially differs from the project scope.
    • This section should include detailed descriptions of activities that are to occur, significant milestones, and anticipated deliverables.
  • A statement of qualifications (i.e., organizational and staff experience, references, and personnel assigned to work on this project).

The offeror must submit a cost proposal as a separate document. The contract will be a firm-fixed price agreement. The offeror will be required to furnish all necessary data elements that compose their periodic invoices in accordance with federal reimbursement guidelines.  All created products associated with this project will be the property of NVERS and the contractor may not use any portion of the plan in the future without the expressed written consent of NVERS.

An electronic copy of the proposal shall be delivered to the follow e-mail address, by May 3rd, 2019. Do not include cost information in proposal.  Estimates must be submitted in a separate electronic document.  Offerors may contact the listed email address during the application period if they have questions.