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Suspicious Indicators Recognition & Assessment (SIRA) Certification Course

The 5-Day/40-Hour SIRA® (Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment) Certification is the most effective SIRA® course Rozin Security offers. The instructors will hone in on participants’ threat recognition skills, develop their proficiencies with field threat assessment, introduce Security Interviewing, and enhance their understanding and application of proven threat mitigation protocols. Participants perform in-class workshops and dynamic field exercises, and are required to pass a written and field examination. This insures that participants are proficient and confident in applying the techniques effectively in their operational environments.

Key Benefits
• Enhance threat awareness.
• Participate in advanced field exercise as an aggressor.
• Practice detecting threat indicators in a realistic and dynamic environment.
• Learn how to conduct field threat assessments.
• Master conducting effective field security interviews.
• Practice applying proper threat mitigation protocols.

Who Should Attend
Public safety officers, security officers, undercover security officers, security managers and other protective units deployed to protect open to the public environments.


Sign up online: https://forms.gle/sYikQfaV8DBQTutcA