L102: Science of Disasters

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99 Adams Street
Manassas Park, VA 20111
United States

Enrollment in this course is limited to jurisdictional emergency management personnel in Northern Virginia. For questions or additional information, please email Elizabeth.Sullivan@vdem.virginia.gov .

Recommended Course Prerequisites

  • L101: Foundations of Emergency Management (recommended, but not required)

Course Overview

This course in the National Emergency Management Basic Academy is designed to provide the participants with an overview of scientific principles and concepts that shape our increasingly dangerous world.

The contents of the course include the following:

  • Introduction to Science of Disaster provides a definition and benefits of science.
  • Earth Science and National Hazards describes how the Earth’s design sets the stage for the world’s natural hazards.
  • Science of Natural Hazards describes the scientific basis of common natural hazards.
  • Prediction gives us the capability to expect the unexpected.
  • Physical Science and Implications for Emergency Management identifies how emergency management can benefit from knowledge of the physical science of hazards.
  • Biological and Chemical Threats identifies the scientific basis of biological and chemical threats.
  • Explosive Threats identifies the scientific basis of those threats.
  • Radiological and Nuclear Threats identifies the scientific basis of those threats.
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