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If your family is in different locations when disaster strikes, do you have a plan that shows how you will contact each other and reunite at a safe location? If your business is directly impacted by a disaster, do you have a plan to re-establish business operations at another location? If your place of worship is in the path of a severe weather event, do you have an evacuation and shelter-in-place plan? ReadyNOVA is a simple, online, step-by-step preparedness planning tool for residents, businesses, and faith organizations in the Northern Virginia metropolitan area. ReadyNOVA guides users to create emergency plans while following basic and accepted emergency management practices. The goal of the ReadyNOVA effort is to increase citizen, community and business awareness for emergency planning and build community resiliency. The concept for ReadyNOVA was developed by the emergency management agencies of Northern Virginia, and the project is supported by NVERS. Visit the ReadyNOVA website today to make a plan for your family, business, or faith community!