Fire/EMS Committees & Work Groups

Structure The NOVA Fire Chiefs Committee is comprised of the fire chief or agency head from each fire department or agency, and reports to the Chief Administrative Officers Committee (CAO).  

NOVA Fire Chiefs Committee Roster

Agency Principal
City of Alexandria Chief Robert Dube
Arlington County Chief Joe Reshetar
Arlington County Chief James Bonzano
City of Fairfax Chief John O'Neal
EMS Council Craig Evans
FBI Aiden Garcia
Fairfax County Chief Richard Bowers
Fauquier County Chief Kurt Knight
Fauquier County Chief Darren Stevens
Fort Belvoir Chief Richard Monroe
Fort Myer Chief Russell Miller
Loudoun County Chief Keith Johnson
City of Manassas Chief Rob Clemons
City of Manassas Park Chief David Dixon (Chair)
MWAA Captain Michael Osborne
NVRIC Michael McQuade
Prince William County Chief K. Heindrichs
Prince William County Chief Kevin McGee
Quantico Chief Charles Sullivan
Stafford County Chief Mark Lockhart 
VDEM Amy Tarte
VDEM Wayne Wylie
VDFP Chief Dereck Baker

Responsibilities The NOVA Fire Chiefs Committee is primarily responsible for analyzing, evaluating, and providing policy recommendations concerning:

  • Regional public safety issues related to fire and emergency medical services
  • Hazardous materials emergencies
  • Technical rescue
  • Fire prevention and code enforcement
  • Homeland security and infrastructure protection
  • Emergency response to weapons of mass destruction and all hazards disaster response

  Specific Activities

  • Develop recommendations concerning fire and emergency medical services issues common to the Northern Virginia Emergency Services Mutual Response Agreement
  • Establish coordinated communications procedures among the 911 centers or public safety access points (PSAP's)
  • Establish interoperable radio and CAD communications systems.
  • Establish interoperable data systems to provide cross jurisdictional access to map and critical facility data for command and control of emergency incidents.
  • Develop common incident management and command systems and procedures.
  • Develop common operational and response procedures that provide for shared use of special emergency response teams, equipment assets and other regional resources.
  • Standardize fire, EMS and emergency service policies, procedures, apparatus and equipment whenever and wherever feasible.
  • Develop cooperative fire and EMS training programs that support regional procedures and programs.
  • Develop cooperative partnerships and relationships with allied public agencies in the region including law enforcement, emergency management, transportation, public health, public works at the federal, state and local level.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations regarding federal and state legislative and regulatory initiatives that may have potential effect regional fire, EMS and emergency service delivery.
  • Establish partnerships with private sector entities and other stakeholders in the region that will allow for improved delivery of fire and medical emergency response.

Provide the regional Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) with policy briefings and recommendations concerning fire and EMS issues

NOVA Senior Operations Chiefs Committee Roster

Agency Principal
City of Alexandria Lawrence Schultz
City of Alexandria  Dan McMaster
Arlington County Joe Reshetar
City of Fairfax Andrew Vita
City of Fairfax Jeff Hunt
FBI Aidan Garcia
Fairfax County Richard Roatch
Fairfax County Dan Shaw
Fairfax County Jay Smith
Fairfax County Rex Strickland
Fauquier County Mark Ciarrocca
Fort Belvoir Kevin Good
Fort Myer Anthony Hopper
Loudoun County Keith Johnson
Loudoun County Corey Parker
Loudoun County Bernie Gottholm
MWAA Steve Gervis
MWAA Richard Bonnett
Montgomery County John J. Gallo
City of Manassas Todd Lupton
City of Manassas Park James Soaper (Chair)
NVHA Chris Cook
NVRIC Alexander Obert
Prince William County Lance McClintock
Quantico Dwayne Palermo
Stafford County Joe Grainger
VDEM Amy Tarte

Structure The Fire Operations Board has an equal representation from each of the departments that are signatories of the NOVA agreement. The Fire Operations Board receives direction from, and reports and makes recommendations to the Senior Operations Chiefs Committee and coordinates procedure implementation as directed.  

Fire Operations Board Roster

Agency Principal
City of Alexandria Dan McMaster (Chair)
City of Fairfax Shawn Dunstan
City of Fairfax Page Whitacre
Fairfax County Bill Betz
Fairfax County Michael Deli
Fairfax County Dan Shaw (Chair)
Fauquier Couny Dale Kidwell
Loudoun County Jason Collins
MWAA Gregory Long
Prince William County Scott Dixon
Prince William County Eric McCoy
Stafford County Bart Lace

  Responsibilities The Fire Operations Board meets regularly to conduct business and has the authority to establish ad hoc workgroups to perform research and development of policy and procedures recommendations.   Specific Activities

  • Develop and maintain a mechanism for regularly communicating mission critical information to all operational elements of the jurisdictions that are signatories to the NOVA Agreement
  • Evaluate assignments received from the Senior Operations Chiefs and identify the resources needed to perform the task assignment as well as the timeline required to complete each assignment
  • Appoint a member of the Board to serve as a facilitator for each workgroup established
  • Approve drafts of written procedures for review by the Senior Operations Chiefs
  • Review work developed by workgroups and attempt to resolve conflicts


Structure & Responsibilities Technical Writing Group Roster

Agency Principal
Arlington County Ryan Leischner
Arlington County David Santini
City of Alexandria Donald Lynn
City of Alexandria Erik MacClain 
City of Fairfax Pat MacKay
City of Fairfax Bill Murry 
City of Fairfax Joe Schumacher
Fairfax County Andy Devlin
Fairfax County Ryan Fletcher 
Fairfax County James Kenney
Fairfax County Scott Kraut
Fairfax County Dan Shaw (Chair)
Fairfax County Rex Strickland 
Fort Belvoir Julien Crolet
Fort Belvoir Brandon Krippner
Fauquier County Mike Gillam
Fort Myer William Long 
Loudoun County Eric Banfe
Loudoun County Chris Kordek 
Loudoun County Brian Sullivan
City of Manassas Mark Nary 
City of Manassas Park Tom Oliver
MWAA John Newlin
MWAA Daniel Redman
MWAA Buffy Schilling
Prince William County Bryan Ross
Prince William County Richard Scott
Quantico Robert Helbock
Quantico Ben Money
Quantico James Thacker
Stafford County Eric DePollo
Stafford County Darren Hendricks
Stafford County Randy Pinneta
Stafford County Matt Warren
VDEM Robert Brown 
VDEM Amy Tarte

High Threat Response Committee Roster

Agency Principal
City of Alexandria Byron Andrews
City of Alexandria Brian Hricik
City of Alexandria Robert Opsut
City of Alexandria Joseph Pankey
City of Alexandria James Podlucky
City of Alexandria William Taylor
City of Alexandria Ray Whatley
Arlington County Aviv Bercovicz
Arlington County John Delaney
Arlington County Mike Laird
Arlington County Michelle Nuneville
Arlington County Joseph Reshetar
Arlington County Reed Smith
Arlington County John Snider
Arlington County Jeremy Stritzinger
Arlington County Scott Wanek
City of Fairfax John Ahrens
City of Fairfax Jon Brantley
City of Fairfax Mark Ciarrocca
City of Fairfax Shawn Dunstan
City of Fairfax Jeffrey Hunt (Chair)
City of Fairfax Marc Racette
City of Fairfax Greg Rauch
City of Fairfax Andrew Vita
City of Manassas Steven Neely 
City of Manassas Park Andrew Bussell
City of Manassas Park Kevin Hampton
City of Manassas Park Tom Oliver
City of Manassas Park James Soaper
DCJS Bob McHale
District of Columbia John Donnelly
District of Columbia Charles Steptoe
District of Columbia Roger St. Laurent
Fairfax County Bill Betz
Fairfax County Carlton Burkhamm
Fairfax County John Caussin
Fairfax County Darrin Day
Fairfax County Craig DeAtley
Fairfax County Paul DeHaven
Fairfax County John Early
Fairfax County Michael Messier
Fairfax County David Moyer
Fairfax County Mike Murphy
Fairfax County Charles Oakley
Fairfax County Richard Roatch
Fairfax County Kris Sacra
Fairfax County James Santmyer
Fairfax County Robert Swartz
Fairfax County David (Lee) Warner
Fauquier County Dale Kidwell
Fauquier County Darren Stevens
Fort Myer Bruce Surette
George Mason University Patrick Bickerton
George Mason University Bruce Jackson
George Washington University Geoff Shapiro
Loudoun County George Cumberledge
Loudoun County Micah Kiger
Loudoun County John Rice
Loudoun County Mike Wallize
Loudoun County Bryan Wacker
MWAA Richard Bonnett
MWAA Eric Cembrook
MWAA Freddie Crowder
MWAA James Grant
MWAA Joseph Kluh
MWAA Karl Liedke
PFPA Jonathan Starling
Prince William County Craig Beavers
Prince William County Philip Cecere
Prince William County J.B. Coombs
Prince William County Robert Gudaitis
Prince William County Brett Hamby
Prince William County Mike LaSalle
Prince William County William Montminy
Prince William County Greg Pass
Prince William County Kim Pumphrey
Prince William County James Robertson
Prince William County Bryan Simms
Prince William County Matt Smolsky
Prince William County Heath Stearns
Prince William County Richard Toke
Prince William County Scott Vago
Prince William County Christian Zuver
Quantico Justin Cuomo
Quantico Kevin Dickey
Quantico Robbie Musante 
Quantico Dwayne Palermo
Quantico Ulysses Taormina 
Stafford County Talsey Cunningham
Stafford County Joseph Grainger
Stafford County James Kingman
Stafford County Lori Knowles
Stafford County David Stout
Stafford County Steve Weissman
Town of Leesburg Carl Maupin
Town of Leesburg Steve McVay
Town of Leesburg Brian Rourke
Town of Vienna Tu Farham
VDEM Robb Hoffower
VDEM Rob Brown
VDEM Amy Tarte
Virginia State Police Neil Johnson
Virginia State Police Steven Mittendorff

Structure & Responsibilities

  • Report to Senior Operations Chiefs Committee
  • Recommend training priorities
  • Review training programs for regional training

  NOVA Training Committee Roster

Agency Principal
Arlington County Blair Cameron
Arlington County Geoffrey Mayer
City of Alexandria David Bogozi (Co-Chair)
City of Alexandria Joshua Turner
City of Fairfax Nelson Stewart
City of Manassas David Halman
City of Manassas Robert Bettis
City of Manassas Park Joe Neiberger
Fairfax County Marc Davidson
Fairfax County Greg Hunter
Fairfax County Jay Smith
Fairfax County Jerome Williams
Fauquier County Russell Baker
Fauquier County Kurt Kight
Fort Belvoir Scott Ross
Fort Myer Jon Culberson
Fort Myer Anthony King
Loudoun County Bernard Gottholm (Chair)
Loudoun County Justin Green
MWAA Jason Graber
Prince William County Chris Granger
Quantico Kevin Dickey
Quantico Benjamin Money
Stafford County Kyle Murphy
VDFP Dereck Baker

Structure & Responsibilities

  • Report to Senior Operations Chiefs Committee
  • Recommend regional communications coordination Issues
  • Recommend priority Issues
  • Recommend coordinated regional communications protocols and procedures

  NOVA FIRE/EMS Communications Committee Roster

Agency Principal
City of Alexandria Gerald Fair
Arlington County Matt Herrera
Arlington County Richard Genest
Fairfax County Anthony Jackson
Fairfax County Bruce Stark
Fairfax County Charles Locke
Fairfax County George Hahn
Fauquier County Butch Flippo
Ft. Belvoir Ty Burch
Ft. Belvoir Kevin Good
Loudoun County Patricia Turner
MWAA Richard Gardiner
MWAA James Grant
MWAA Brian Lowman
Prince William County Tom Clark (Chair)
Prince William County Michele Surdam
Prince William County Stephen Yannarell

Structure & Responsibilities

  • Report to the Senior Operations Chiefs Committee
  • Recommend and assess regional EMS specific initiatives

  EMS Chiefs Committee Roster

Agency Principal
 City of Alexandria  Byron Andrews
MWAA Rick Bonnett
CFFD Jon Brantley
Fairfax County FRD John Chesek
Loudoun County FRD Jamie Cooper
NVEMS Council Craig Evans
City of Manassas Matthew Fox
City of Alexandria Fire Brian Hricik
Fairfax County FRD Jason Jenkins
Prince William County Mike LaSalle
City of Manassas Todd Lupton
Arlington County FD Joseph Reshetar
Loudoun County DFR Jose Salazar