L103: Planning for Emergency Operations

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3610 Old Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA 22030
United States

Enrollment in this course is limited to jurisdictional emergency management personnel in Northern Virginia. For questions or additional information, please email Elizabeth.Sullivan@vdem.virginia.gov .

Recommended Course Prerequisites

  • L101: Foundations of Emergency Management (recommended, but not required)

Course Overview

This course in the National Emergency Management Basic Academy is designed to give basic concepts and planning steps to those new to the field of emergency management so that they may apply planning discipline and skills to challenges in their jobs. The course content includes emergency management planning doctrine and steps to take to accomplish writing plans and using them to deal with special events, which are common challenges for all jurisdictions.

The content also derives from Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101, Developing and Maintaining State, Territorial, Tribal and Local Government Emergency Plans and its six-step planning process and inclusive Whole Community philosophy. Likewise, doctrine from Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 201, Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis, is included in the course. Special event planning is then explained in the course and table group activities to analyze plans for special events are conducted.

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