Until Help Arrives Active Bystander Course - Afternoon Course

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Fairlington Community Center, Room 118
3308 S Stafford St
Arlington, VA 22206
United States

The UNTIL HELP ARRIVES: TECC Active Bystander Course, or Active Bystander for short, is a comprehensive training program to prepare civilians for how to prepare mentally and how to both respond and to address life threatening emergencies during an intentional violence event. This hands-on class will cover basic strategies and skills to recognize the threats in violent events, respond safely, provide immediate rescue and initiate stabilizing medical care to the injured, and to effectively report to 911. The skills you will learn are transferable to countless situations involving traumatic injury, which include car accidents, household injuries or an active shooter. This is a provider course, not a train-the-trainer course.

Those with a jurisdictional email address are asked to use them when registering for the course.

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