Regional Hospital Decontamination Train-the-Trainer

This training will provide hospital emergency managers and other key staff with a role in hospital decontamination preparedness with the knowledge and skills needed to instruct students using the NVERS Regional Hospital Decontamination Course curriculum. NVERS has developed the regional course's curriculum based on the Center for Domestic Preparedness HERT Course, as well as feedback from hospital partners and the conduct of pilot courses in the region.  An initial pilot course was held in September, with two (2) additional pilot offerings scheduled to be completed prior to this Train-the-Trainer offering. The intent of the regional course is to provide a standardized best-practice baseline training to grow the number of trained staff who can safely perform decon duties at our region's hospitals. 

Please note that while the 4-hour regional course is based on HERT principles, it is not a substitute for the full (24 hour) HERT training, and does not convey CDP HERT certification. 

The course will include: 

  • A review of all classroom-based lecture instruction (powerpoint slides). 

  • Demonstration of hands-on classroom skill instruction:

    • PPE Donning/Doffing Station

    • Scrubbing Station 

  • Discussion of hospital-specific hands-on components (tent/shower setup and walk-through evolutions). 

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