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Free Faith-Based Exercise

The Virginia Fusion Center’s SHIELD Program is collaborating with the FB-ISAO to educate participants on the Hostile Events Attack Cycle and challenge them to consider their preparedness and ability to respond to an enduring threat challenge facing all organizations – to include places of worship and charities.

2020 Workshop Series objectives include:

• Provide a one-day forum for faith-based and charity organizations to enhance their threat awareness and preparedness relating to potential physical attacks at their facilities.

• Use a hostile events scenario to provide participants an opportunity to interact with one another and discuss issues, concerns, best practices and other salient points regarding physical security preparedness, coordination and response among participants.

• Use a hostile events scenario to provide participants with greater awareness of U.S. Government and local government resources, guidance and best practices relating to hostile events and physical security to help inform organizational preparedness, security and resilience.

Date: March 24, 2020 | 0800 - 1600hrs

Location: St. Theresa Catholic Church 21370 St. Theresa Lane Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Register: https://2020faithbasedasburn.eventbrite.com

More Info: For more information on the Faith Based Information Sharing & Analysis Organization go to http://faithbased-isao.org