AWR-351 Post-Plume Awareness Course

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For link to register contact NVERS staff or Alex Weston at VDEM R7. 

The FEMA/National Preparedness Directorate/Technological Hazards Division/Radiological Emergency
Preparedness (REP) Program has developed an instructor-led course that will help Federal, State, tribal and
local emergency managers and planners more effectively meet the challenges presented to the emergency
responder community during a radiological incident at a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-licensed
commercial nuclear power plant (NPP).

The main purpose for this awareness-level AWR-351 REP Post-Plume Awareness Course (RPPA) is to
provide a precise training track which focuses on the unique considerations of the 50-mile Emergency
Planning Zone (EPZ), Offsite Response Organizations (OROs) responsible for addressing the
implementation of precautionary measures and protective actions relating to “exposure” and “ingestion”
interventions during the Post-Plume (Intermediate) phase of a radiological incident from a NRC-licensed
commercial nuclear power plant (NPP).

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